The Inspiration

Nickel4KNowledge_recycle_cashWhy a bottle drive?

After watching the documentary Girl Rising on Netflix, I was absolutely astounded. I was brought to tears as I watched nine girls fight for what should be a basic right – EDUCATION. I watched as a girl in Haiti, seven-year-old Wadley had her life destroyed in a dramatic earthquake that her without a school to go to.  I saw  Suma, a girl who was a slave in Nepal from age six until adolescence as she fought for her freedom, educated herself through night classes, then went on to educate and free other teenage girls from slavery. These were just two of the stories included in the documentary.  Here in America, we can only imagine what their daily struggles must be like.

As a teenage girl I identify with these young women. I see their struggle. I  want to be strong like them.  I want to inspire, and I want to help make change. To us a bottle is a piece of trash…to a girl in the developing world, money earned from recycling that single bottle can mean a step towards a brighter future.

Why throw away a bottle when you can make something out of it, do something with it, turn it into a little something that can help change the world (and help our environment too)? Like these inspiring young women, I want to be the change, and hope funds earned through this bottle drive (and donations) will help support equal educational opportunities for girls and young women.

Every nickel counts, and every nickel can be a beacon of hope for a girl.
     — Dylan Seidler

Nickels Raised 4 Malala Fund (2015-2016)

Nickels Raised 4 Girl Rising Fund (Spring 2015)