Donate the Gift of Hope

The Orinda Academy Community Action Club’s Nickels 4 Knowledge recycling drives raise funds to support girls education.  Last year, in the spring of 2015, money was raised to support the Girl Rising Fund and this year (2015-2016), our drive will support the Malala Fund.

The Malala Fund’s goal is to “enable girls to complete 12 years of safe, quality education so that they can achieve their potential and be positive change-makers in their families and communities. We work with partners all over the world helping to empower girls and amplify their voices; we invest in local education leaders and programs; and we advocate for more resources for education and safe schools for every child.”

The Girl Rising Fund gets the money to where it matters – to proven girl-focused programs in the developing world. Donations to the fund will be distributed among our impact partners, including A New Day Cambodia, CARE USA, Girl Up/United Nations Foundation, Partners in Health, Plan International USA, Room to Read, and World Vision, all of which operate girls’ education initiatives that provide resources like scholarships, health care services and critical life skills training.

The Girl Rising Fund distributes your contributions to their girl-focused programs – providing scholarships and uniforms, building libraries and classrooms, supporting safe-spaces and health training, and more. More funding means more girls in school, more economic growth, and a brighter future for all.

By supporting the Girl Rising Fund and the Malala Fund, you are enabling girls around the world to achieve their full potential.

If you’d like to support our Community Action Club’s Nickels 4 Knowledge fundraisers you can donate to either fund.

For Girl Rising donations: Please make check payable to: “Tides Foundation” — Memo: 10×10 Fund 

For Malala Fund donations: Please make check payable to:  “Malala Fund”

You can drop checks by the Orinda Academy office or you can contact Dylan Seidler for the funds’ mailing address.  If you have cans or bottles (CVR only) you wish to donate, please drop them by OA on Fridays.

These donations will be added to the money raised from the recycling drive and be sent directly to the Tides Foundation on behalf of Girl Rising or the Malala Fund.  Thanks for your Support!  – Dylan Seidler


Did you know?

  • In the developing world every additional year of education can increase a persons income by an average of 10-20%
  • Women account for 2\3 of all illiterates
  • A girl on planet earth has a 1 out of 4 chance of being born into poverty
  • School is not free in over 50 countries
  • Some countries lose more than one billion dollars per year on failing to educate girls to the same standards as boys
  • Global increases in women’s education have prevented over 4 million child deaths

Donate now to either of these wonderful organizations and help a girl get her education. Every year of education opens up new opportunities for girls to have a bigger and brighter future.