Every Nickel Counts

Every Nickel CountsHave you ever thought about the worth of a nickel?

For us, a nickel is pocket change. But what about the difference it can make for a girl in a third world country?

Less than half a cent of every development dollar goes to girl’s education, so imagine what a nickel can do? Today, in developing countries, there are 33 million fewer girls than boys in primary school.

For these young women every nickel counts.

Every nickel earned recycling a bottle or can will help make a difference in a girl’s life.

Nickels 4 Knowledge

Recycling to support girls’ education in the developing world

Think about what a nickel can do for a girl seeking an education.

Each nickel you donate can help buy a book for a girl to read.

Each nickel you donate can help pay a teacher to teach a girl.

Each nickel you donate can help pay for a nutritious lunch for a girl.

Each nickel you donate can help build a school for girls who have none.

2/3 of the illiterate

people in the world

are female.  


53% of the world’s

out-of-school children

are girls.

The Power of Educating a Girl:

  • A girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more as an adult
  • Girls who receive an education marry later, have fewer children, and are more likely to seek healthcare for themselves and their children.
  •  The positive impact of girls’ education has been shown to transcend generations, resulting in better health outcomes among women, their children, and eventually their grandchildren.
  • Providing girls with leadership skills and including them in the decision-making process is one of the major tools to spark economic and social change.